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Frequently Asked Questions !!

Your Questions, Answered: Dive into our comprehensive FAQ section, where we address the most common queries, doubts, and concerns. At Smooth Credit, we believe in clarity and transparency, ensuring you're always informed and confident in your financial journey.

At Smooth Credit, our primary focus is empowering individuals and businesses with tailored financial solutions. From credit repair to travel hacking, we offer a diverse range of services designed to enhance your financial well-being.

Founded by Christian Vasquez, Smooth Credit has been serving clients across the United States from our base in El Paso County, Texas. Our team boasts years of experience and a commitment to excellence in the financial realm.

Yes, while we’re proudly based in El Paso County, Texas, our expertise and services extend to clients all across the United States. We’re dedicated to assisting a broad spectrum of clients with their unique financial needs.

We’re here to assist and answer any questions you might have. You can reach us directly at (915) 920-9551 or email Our dedicated team will ensure prompt responses to all your queries.


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"In questions, we find clarity; in clarity, the foundation for financial freedom." - Smooth Credit.


What We Do & Our Benefits!

Demystifying the Complex: At Smooth Credit, we don't just offer services; we offer clarity, empowerment, and a path to financial betterment. Dive into our FAQ section dedicated to 'What We Do & Our Benefits' to gain a deeper understanding of our offerings and the tangible advantages they bring to your financial journey.

Smooth Credit stands out due to our personalized approach, extensive expertise, and unwavering commitment to client success. We believe in not just offering services but in building lasting financial relationships.

Absolutely! Our DIY Credit Blueprint is designed not only for those looking to repair credit but also for individuals aiming to understand and optimize their financial standing. It’s a comprehensive tool for anyone wanting to take control of their credit health.

Travel Hacking with Smooth Credit involves leveraging credit card rewards, frequent flyer programs, and other financial tools to maximize travel benefits. It’s about making your money work for you, allowing you to travel better and more affordably.

While we’re deeply committed to achieving the best possible outcomes for our clients, credit repair is a complex process influenced by various factors. We strive for transparency, offering regular updates and honest feedback throughout your journey with us.